Mug Printing Process

Heart Mug

We Know That Mug Printing Is Considered As The Popular Gifts Of Many Occasions. Here Are The Step By Step process of How the Mug Printing Is Done.

Step 1: Sublimation Mug Blanks

The initial step of the color sublimation process is the selection  of print area.

Usually a White Mug Is Used For Sublimation Because sublimation printing doesn’t utilize white ink to print. The colors are straightforward and depend on the surface of the printed mug.

Step 2 : The Process

Mug work of art is inkjet printed utilizing extraordinary color sublimation inks & transfer paper. The transfer paper is an impermanent stop for the printed picture.

Step 3 : Preparation

Once printed, the transfer paper is wrapped around and joined to the mug or other color sublimation item. The picture on the transfer paper is really reflected or in reverse since it’s being exchanged straightforwardly to the surface of the clear.

Step 4 : Heat Press

The clear mug and imaged transfer paper are set in a heated press . As you can accumulate from the name, warmth and weight are connected to transfer the picture from the transfer paper to the surface of the clear.The procedure imbues the printed color into the polymer covering of the clear. The picture really turns out to be a piece of the mug making an exceptionally strong and enduring picture.The going with photograph demonstrates a mug and glass press. The press needs to adjust to the surface of the clear for legitimate sublimation.

Step 5: The Finished  Product

Color sublimation items are amazingly sturdy and scratch safe because of the picture implanting process. The energetic and rich printing is “secured” for quite a long time of utilization and enjoyment .

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